Reasons not to give up on your healthy eating plan


We’ve all been there after a week of dieting. You stand there in the mirror, looking at yourself in your underwear from all angles, convinced your waist definitely looks smaller, your bum perkier, and there is an obvious decrease in cellulite on your thighs, must be from all the healthy living right? You saunter to the bathroom scales (or kitchen scales in my case), step on them, full of optimism and confidence, and then, you realise you haven’t lost any weight. Not even the 1lb consilation   prize. Nothing. Nada. Zilch. A big fat zero.

But your optimism doesn’t die there! You skip back to the bedroom to dig out the tape measure, the scales may be an asshole this morning but the tape measure will save the day. Yes, Sir, it will! You find the right spot on your waist to measure, you have to get it right each time or its not accurate right? You get it fitting snugly around your waist, the waist that is definitely looking smaller because the mirror said so this morning, you look down, almost breathless with anticipation, already mentally writing your status on the CWP support group about losing an inch off your waist this week, and then you see…no change. NOT EVEN HALF A BLOODY INCH!

Now your optimism crumbles. It’s drowning somewhere in the pool of dispair at your feet. You plop down on the side of your bed, and wonder how life could be so cruel. Mental images of all the “no thank you, I’m on a diet” moments you’ve had that week swim infront of you. You feel cheated. You wish you’d said yes to cake.

THIS is the time you find out what you’re made of. THIS is the time to strengthen your resolve. THIS is the time to drag that optimism back up off the floor and say to yourself ‘I can do this!’.

I’m writing this as much for myself as I am for you. I had one of those weeks this week. Even getting to the point where I was jealous of other people’s success stories on the support page. Angry at CWP for failing me. But that was yesterday. Today’s a new day, and these are the reasons I’m going to keep going…


How many times can you start again? I mean, really?

You’ve already done every diet known to man: Dr Hyman’s Detox, 5:2, LCHF, Slimming World, Weight Watchers, Kcal Counting, Green Faces, Carb-cycling, Marine Diet, Grapefruit Diet, Lean in 15. The time, the money, the extortionate shopping bills, prep time and tears. And you failed, at all of them. And I’m guessing it’s because you had a moment like I did this week and thought ‘screw this!’

You’re running out of plans to try. Nothing else has worked for you. This could work, but you have to stick at it longer than a month. You have to give it everything you’ve got.

You could spend the rest of your life going from one plan to the next, just trying to find the one that works for you, the magical diet that will give you a flat stomach and perfectly toned thighs in two months without you having to put in any effort at all. But at the end of that search, you will still be unhappy, unhealthy and overweight, because ‘the quick fix solves everything’ diet, doesn’t exist.

It’s now or never. THIS is the time to commit. The time to make a difference. It’s now come down to how much you want it. And you really want it, right?


I can’t take seeing any more fat pictures.

You know the pictures I mean. The ones someone else took.

If you’re anything like me you’ve mastered the art of a great selfie. You know the angle that makes you double chin disappear and your cheekbones pop. By the time you’ve added a few filters and ‘You Cam MakeUp’ the shit out of it, you’ve actually started to believe your own lie, that this is what you look like.

And then BHAM! Aunty Jayne tags you in pictures from last week’s BBQ and the illusion you’ve created for yourself is shattered. There you are, with your fat arms looking like they have taken over your whole body, the smile that’s adorable on your instagram pics is now this disgusting hole in your face that makes your double chin pop out and your cheeks balloon like a chipmunk with the munchies. Nothing about you looks feminine, or graceful, or thin. You feel disgusted by this image of yourself. You realise THIS is what you really look like. This is the reason you can’t give up.


Nobody thinks you can do it.
You tell your partner/friends/family/work colleagues about your latest diet plan, and they smile and nod and make the appropriate sounds when you’re excitedly telling them about what a success it’s going to be, and what you will look like this time next year. But they’ve heard it all before, last year when you did Lean in 15, and the year before when you did Slimming World, and you still look the same; you’re still singing the same tune.

As individuals following CWP we receive even more scepticism than most. So it’s important that WE believe we can do it. Because we know we’ve failed so many times before. We know that to the outside world this is just another fad diet we will fail at. We know that some days we think this is just another fad diet we will fail at. But without that self belief that THIS TIME it will be different, THIS TIME we will win, we are setting ourselves up to fail.

I LOVE seeing people’s success stories, and celebrating in their achievements, commending their commitment and willpower, but at the same time they make me tired; of always being the one on the outside, looking in at other people’s fantastic results while I coast along on my ‘didn’t quite try hard enough to get results’ track. I want to be the ‘after’ picture for once.

So let’s be having you Week 6! And 7, 8, 9, 10…Because this time, I’m not giving up.



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