Human Trafficking 

I wanted to share a poem with you I wrote about Human Trafficking. This was written for the organisation Bawso ( for their Human Trafficking Awareness Campaign last year.
It’s about a young girl who was brought into the country for a ‘chance to get an eduaction’, a lie that’s often told to parents in poorer countries who want the best education for their child, and ended up as a sex slave.

Not the happiest topic but sometimes awareness is important, so that steps can be made to create change. If you would like to sign up for a yearly membership to Bawso for as little as £10 a year, to help this charity rescue men, women and children from a life time of pain, then please follow the link above.

Thank you for reading – Penny Lane 

I didn’t know
Sunday, 25th October 2015

By Tracy Heaven


I didn’t know I could love water-filled socks arguing with the sole of a barely-there shoe, until I

experienced toes hot, curled in pain, stamped on by women colder than New York wind. 

I didn’t know I could want rice baked in salt, drenched in back-of-the-cupboard spices,  a lazy fork 

pushing the plate’s boundaries, stench of burnt starch curling into my hair, 

until I taste my own lip-bitten blood, 

indebted for the hormone-infused protein on my tongue, hungry for more. 

I didn’t know I could miss tea-stained math books

curled and wrapped around my disinterested

head, eyes too big for her face begging me to listen, to be more, to want; 

until I counted the burn marks on my hairless shins as my ankles were meeting my tired ears. 

The big eyes didn’t know, this wasn’t my chance, wasn’t my shot, wasn’t my opportunity.

Every two full moons I get to wear a big girl dress. Some red, some blue. Smile next to the wind, 

touch the leather of WORDLESS journals, wave at my past, giving her a glimpse of my future. She 

smiles back at her funny little girl…

…because she doesn’t know.


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