Body shaming the beautiful, the new craze.

I have been getting increasingly confused and concerned by the amount of people, particularly women, body shaming beautiful women on Social Media. It seems we have moved on from disparaging the ugly and the fat to victimising the beautiful and the fit; the new heroes of the hour are intelligent, average looking celebrities, or in … Continue reading Body shaming the beautiful, the new craze.


Haters gonna Hate

Haters gonna hate...I've never really given much credit to this saying. Whenever I've heard it, I've imagined some orange, tracksuit wearing bint, sucking on a Richmond Superking, decked in pages 1-99 of the Argos jewellery catalogue*, using that declarative statement as a ¬†way to avoid taking responsibility for her shitty behaviour. However...after following well-known celebrity … Continue reading Haters gonna Hate